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Does your roof require a repair by qualified professionals? Maybe you need to hire a reliable builder for the renovation of your roof? There is no doubt that one of the most important parts of your home is its roof and we, at Capital Roofing and General Remodeling, know that. Located in Columbus OH, we provide customers in the area with high quality services for their roof and remodeling services. Our service can guarantee you proper protection from bad weather and extensive raining. That is what makes us the preferable roofing contractor in the region. We are also quite popular for the outstanding remodeling service that we offer.

Choose us, because:

  • We do shingle, slate, rubber, metal, flat systems and tile roofs.
  • We have over 40 years of experience as an astounding remodeling service provider.
  • We offer up to 15 year labor warranty
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured

Capital Roofing and General Remodeling is the company which provides its customers only high quality services. We are located in Columbus OH and we are always ready to help our customers, when they need any roof repair services. Don’t hesitate to contact the most professional builders, and we can guarantee you excellent roof and remodeling services.

If you need a professional builder who is capable of providing you with an impeccable flat roof repair service for the needs of your home, we are the company you should turn to. We only hire qualified professionals to work as our employees, in order to ensure an outstanding service for our clients. We also use materials of high quality to provide you with a service that guarantees reliable results for your project. These and other factors make us the only rational choice for a roofing contractor in the area.

You, as a property owner, should constantly check the integrity of your building’s roof, in order to make sure that no cracks or other damage is present. If you notice anything that looks out of place, you should contact the qualified professionals. We, at Capital Roofing and General Remodeling, can provide you with an impeccable roof repair service that will exceed your expectations.

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Flat roofs

Trying to repair cracked shingles by yourself could turn out to be a great mistake with fatal consequences. Roofs are in no way a safe place for anyone. That is why it is best for you to leave that dangerous job for our experienced employees. Our experts have all the necessary equipment and skills to manage any roof repair and remodeling service project with caution and in a professional and timely manner.

Are you looking for roofing contractors to provide you with roof repair or replacement? Whether you need repairs on your existing roof or installation of a new roof, you should choose a reliable roofing contractors. The best you can do is to choose Capital top of the house from a bird viewRoofing and General Remodeling to provide this important service. A quality roof protects homes and commercial buildings alike from the elements, including wind, rain, sun and even the snow. Slate roofing, flat roof repair, asphalt shingles and steel panels are just some of the materials we use to provide this protection. A roofing job is an expensive investment. Hiring a qualified and reliable roofing company to provide this service is important. When it comes time to make necessary repairs or replace your roof, call Capital Roofing and General Remodeling for help. We are a full service roofing company in Columbus OH and we can help you with your roofing needs. We have been providing roof repair services to residents of Columbus OH for many years and are highly regarded in the Columbus OH area. If you need flat roof repair, you can also get in touch with us.

Avoiding the problems around your roof could lead to various unpleasant situations. Mold and pests could appear just because you left a crack on your roof unattended. It will cost you valuable time and money, just to repair a problem that could have been avoided if you had acted on time. So save yourself unnecessary trouble and contact our respected company for an impeccable service. We have been working in the field for more than 39 years and that is what makes us one of the most experienced and reliable roofing contractors in the region.

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Capital Roofing and General Remodeling have highly trained and experienced roofing contractors who will provide you Men doing roof repairwith prompt and efficient services. Our team of professional builders is polite, energetic and they will arrive on time to complete the project in a swift manner. They pay attention to details and strive for complete customer satisfaction. They will like you to rest assured that your property is in trusted hands and that only the best roofing professionals will be working on your property. We offer affordable rates as well as the best quality service within Columbus OH. Even though, there are other remodeling service companies in Columbus OH that offer low rates, the quality of service they provide may not be what you really need. We, at Capital Roofing and General Remodeling, are different – we offer low rates but do not compromise on the quality of our service. Our roofing and remodeling service experts use the best quality equipment and materials to ensure that you get the best results. From roof repair or roof replacement to siding services, we are one of the preferred roofing contractors in Columbus OH.

Our company works at competitive rates to provide you with a convenient service that is unmatched by any of our competitors in price or quality. We have a long list of happy clients that we have worked for. Their satisfaction is the real testimony to the professionalism of our company. Entrust your project to us and we will provide you with outstanding services. Whether you need us for a quick repair of your roof or a siding service for your home, we will offer you quality and reliability.

Aug 01, 2012 by Cheryl Cross

We had a badly done roofing replacement a couple of years ago. We hired a well known company, whose name I don\'t wanna mention here. So after friend\'s recommendation we called Capital Roofing. We appreciate the wonderful new roof they made and the on site clean up afterwards. We also had our gutter helmet replaced with a decent discount.
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Our additional contact informationChoose Capital Roofing and General Remodeling for your slate roof repair because you will have the best roofing company in Columbus OH. Our team of expert roofers will always be on your side when the time for decision making Flat roof and guttercomes – we will pick the materials and working techniques that you prefer. It is our top priority to provide the highest quality services for customers just like you. As a highly reputable company, with highly knowledgeable and experienced professional roofers on our team, we strive to offer you the highest quality service at the most reasonable price. We can help you with your slate roof repair, or just provide you the roof repair services you need. When you need perfectly done work, you have to contact our builders at Capital Roofing and General Remodeling.

Let Capital Roofing and General Remodeling provide the solution for your roofing problems. Call us today at (614) 464-2225 and see why we are regarded as the best roofing company in Columbus OH. When you call us, you will speak with our friendly service coordinator who will politely and efficiently assist you with any service request. Call us now and trust us with your roof replacement. You will be glad you did.

Capital Roofing and General Remodeling is a Columbus OH based company that offers impeccable services to customers in the region. Contact us on (614) 464-2225 to make sure your project is handled by qualified professionals with a lot of experience!